• Are Rottweilers good with kids? 
    Rottweiler from this kennel have a good temperament. They will be socialized while they are with me (the crucial socialisation period is from 6-16 weeks) they will need further socialisation, once they have come to you. However, dogs and children should never be left alone. 
    If looking for a pet rottweiler that is good with kids look for a self confident puppy, not a timid one, and socialise it a lot. Seperate kids and puppy when you cannot supervise.

  • Do you sell your dogs docked or undocked? 
    It is illegal to dock tails in Australia, so the dog's tails are undocked. If the laws were different, I still would not dock.

  • A girl dog should have puppies at least once for her own health. 
    This is incorrect. If a girl is neutered before the first heat, her risk of mammary tumors is 95% reduced after the first heat 80%, after the second heat there is a 50% chance that she will develop tumors.

  • I want the dog to guard my house, so I shouldn't socialize him? 
    This is incorrect. A dog will always guard their territory, especially when you are not home. (If you are home and you are in charge, therefore you make the decision who is welcome and who isn't). Socialization is important, because an unsocialized dog will be scared of what he does not know, and therefore his actions migth then be overly aggressive. This is often seen with "Guard dogs" from backyard breeders. A socialised dog is a confident dog. He also will learn that it is good to be nice to children. This has never been more important.


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